Love it or Lose it: Car Edition

Love it or Lose it Car Edition (1)

Whether you deem the dawn of the first car as the three-wheeled Motorwagen designed by Benz in the late 1800s or as the Model T designed by Ford in the early 1900s, we can all agree on one thing: MAINTENANCE! Cars require maintenance. 

Just as the cars’ models have changed, so has the way they are cared for. Many people say they love their cars, but what exactly do we love about them?

They love the sound of the engine when it starts up

To keep our cars starting up, we want to make sure we pay close attention to a few things. One, routine oil changes are a must here. Going too long without an oil change could cost you your car. Once the oil thickens and becomes sludge, it can no longer draw heat away from the engine, which means…overheating. If this doesn’t cause the gasket to blow, it could surely cause your engine to seize up. 

The feeling of the warming heat on a cold day

Having heat that works is a must, especially in Indiana, where chilling winters are native. The warmth from the engine travels from the radiator to the heater core. From there, the coolant then travels to a regulated heater control valve. As engine heat is then carried by coolant to the core, you start to feel the warmth. Who knew such intricacies went into heating your car?! Regularly checking coolant levels and radiator fluid & functionality will keep your car heated for years to come. 

Love how it stops abruptly when the brake pedal is pressed

Disk Brakes. Drum Brakes. Anti-Lock Brakes. Emergency Brakes. Parking Brakes. Hydraulic Brakes. Electromagnetic Brakes. Ask two people how many types of brakes there are, and you will get two different answers. From types of brakes to braking systems, whichever we have, we must learn to care for properly. 

Low or dirty brake fluid can lead to brake failure in any vehicle. Squeaking brakes are not to be ignored. In fact, they’re intentionally designed to squeak. Once brake pads wear thin, a piece of metal drags across the brake disk to make the ‘squeaking’ sound. This sound is alerting you to replace your brake pads. If not, the damage will get worse, and your car can start shaking when you stop, which means you need both brake pads and rotors; costly. 

Bluetooth, which allows me to connect my phone and jam to my tunes

Your car’s infotainment system or IVI system is what allows you to connect your phone and other devices to your car via Bluetooth. This only works if both the phone and the car have up-to-date hardware and software. Although this is a part of the car that many people love, it doesn’t require much maintenance. However, if you end up having to replace the IVI system, it could cost you upwards of $1200. 

Loving the make and model, but most of all, the shiny red paint job

Lastly, and most importantly for some, is how the car looks. According to Cayman iNews, 76% of Americans purchase a vehicle based on looks instead of reliability. A pretty car could produce some ugly repair bills if you’re not careful. When you find the one you like, be sure to have it checked out by a mechanic if it’s a used car. If you’re in the market for a brand new car, be sure to read the reviews and recall information before your purchase. 

So you see, we can love our cars all we want, but if we don’t take care of them, we could lose them. Be sure to stay on top of all of your car’s maintenance and repair needs, and it could cost you.